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Butler Polymer Research Award

Professor George & Josephine Butler established this award to recognize excellence in graduate student research and education related to polymer chemistry. Competition for the award is quite strong and extends beyond The Butler Polymer Research Laboratory. Candidates are selected from all Department of Chemistry PhD students carrying out their research in polymer chemistry.

Past Winner:

  • 2020: Jacob Lessard

  • 2019: Aravinda Munasinghe

  • 2018: Michael B. Sims

  • 2017: Kyle C. Bentz & C. Adrian Figg

  • 2016: Ha Nguyen

  • 2015: Megan Hill

  • 2014: Taylor W. Gaines & William L. Brooks

  • 2013: Michael Schulz

  • 2012: Zhou Chen & Alexander Pemba

  • 2011: Romain Stalder

  • 2010: Brian Aitken, Kenneth Graham, Bora Inci

  • 2009: Jianguo Mei & Kathleen Opper

  • 2008: James Leonard

  • 2007: Bob Brookins

  • 2006: Xiaoyong Zhao

  • 2005: Travis Baughman

  • 2004: Ben Reeves & Barry Thompson

  • 2003: John Sworen

  • 2002: Stephen E. Lehman, Jr., Timothy E. Hopkins,

       & Charles "CJ" DuBois

  • 2001: Irina Schwendeman & Steve Carino

  • 2000: Jason Smith

  • 1999: Mike Ramey

  • 1998: Guy Weerasekera, Chris Thomas, & Debra Tindall

  • 1997: Fernando Gomez

2021 Butler Polymer Research Award Winner

Sofia Goodrich

Butler Award 2021.jpg

The 2021 award was presented to Sofia Goodrich. Sofia has been actively involved in the UF Polymer program through participation in the UF ACS POLY PMSE Student Chapter. She has demonstrated strong leadership skills within the Butler Laboratories, the Chemistry Department, and the greater UF community. Sofia's service has helped the UF POLY PMSE Student Chapter to be recognized as the ACS' Best Studet Chapter two years in a row (2019-20) and she has been recognized as the 2021 UF Student Activities and Involvement Officer of the Year. Sofia has shown a commitment to promoting the Butler Laboratories and her fellow peers by organizing events that promote scientific and professional development. Sofia has established a record of scientific communication, including several publications for both independent and collaborative research. Sofia has demonstrated a commitment to increasing scientific understanding through her involvement in outreach events and serving as a mentor to undergraduate and visiting students.

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