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Welcome to the George & Josephine Butler Polymer Research Laboratory at the University of Florida! Our state-of-the-art facility is home to a dynamic community of over 75 scientists, engineers, and students, all united in their passion for the cutting-edge field of polymer science.


As part of the Polymer Program at the University of Florida, our laboratory provides an integrated and collaborative environment for members to conduct ground-breaking research in shared state-of-the-art facilities. From the discovery of new polymer synthesis techniques to the development of sustainable polymers, our researchers are pushing the boundaries of polymer science in ways that will have a profound impact on the world we live in.


Join us on our journey of discovery as we explore the limitless potential of polymer science.

History of the Butler Laboratory

The Butler Lab at the University of Florida, established in 1946 by Professor George Butler, has a rich history in polymer chemistry and engineering. The lab, which started as a small group of researchers, expanded in 1970 with the arrival of physical polymer chemist Thieo Hogen-Esch. Other notable contributors include Charles Reed, who researched the use of polymer membranes for reverse osmosis, and Ken Dill who later moved to the University of California, San Francisco. In 1984, Ken Wagener joined the faculty, followed by Randy Duran in 1989 and John Reynolds in 1992. The lab was formally recognized as a separate entity in 1995 and is currently located on the third floors of Leigh Hall and Sisler Hall, and is home to the Castellano, Colina, Evans, Miller, Savin, Sumerlin, Veige, and Wagener research groups.


Ron Castellano

Coray Colina.jpg

Coray Colina

Austin Evans

Steve Miller.jpg

Steve Miller

Dan Savin.jpg

Dan Savin

Brent Sumerlin updated.jpg

Brent Sumerlin

Adam Veige.jpg

Adam Veige


Ken Wagener

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